Is it time to up your game?

Scale your production. Become a leader. Enjoy greater work/life balance
even as you increase your client base and your volume.

We’ll show you what’s possible when a company sets you up for success,
and then gets out of the way.


Be supported

Get the products, infrastructure and technology to blow the doors off your production.

Get coached

Access best-in-class coaching for you and your team, from a company with entrepreneurial spirit running through its veins.

Enjoy stability

Team up with a strong, stable lender that holds onto its customers for life.

Guild offers you the tools and relationships to get you where you belong. Find out today why some of the most successful loan officers in the business have switched to Guild – and never looked back.

Bradley L'Engle
“The only thing I wish I had done differently in my career was to join Guild sooner.”
Bradley L’Engle, Loan Officer
Joined Guild in 2014

Want to build your team your way?

There’s a strong entrepreneurial spirit that runs through Guild, from our corporate headquarters in San Diego through more than 250 branches and satellites serving homebuyers throughout the United States.

We believe mortgage relationships are best managed at the local level, so we give leaders in each region more freedom to run and control their business. You’ll have the best of both worlds—local operations centers for faster processing times, backed by the resources and efficiencies of a large national lender.

Surround yourself with the kind of support that will enable your business to scale – whether that is hiring a Loan Officer Assistant, a Transaction Coordinator, or a Business Development Coordinator. Choose how you want to build your team organization. No matter what positions you choose, we believe that leadership comes from the person, not the title.

Build your team

Our job is to set you up for success, then get out of your way. No wasted time in unnecessary meetings. No micromanaging. Just the support and products you need to offer your customers more choices and grow your business. Get coaching from the best.

Jason Stebins

“Guild allows us to build according to our market and our own culture as a branch. But then we have this great wonderful company behind us that supports us on every level.”

Jayson Stebbins, Branch Manager
Joined Guild in 2007

Want the best Ops Team in the business?

What strikes many experienced loan officers when they join Guild? The sense that our operations team is as dedicated to closing the loan as they are.

At Guild, our local operations teams support the relationships you build with customers and agents by getting the job done—loan by loan, day after day.

Here, you get branch-level processing with regional underwriting and funding. You get knowledgeable people you can talk to in person. And you get an ops team that’s truly got your back.


Knowledgeable and consistent, they’ll get your loans closed on time. After all, that’s the final result that matters to your business, and our reputation.


“33 years in the business and I've never worked with a better operations team. We have approachable, helpful underwriters and funders who actually want to get the loan done.”

Jennifer Stapish, Loan Processor
Joined Guild in 2014

Technology that drives productivity

Every business, no matter what their core business, is a technology company. Guild is dedicated to providing our sales team with the best technology solutions to drive productivity and growth.

Guild’s proprietary LOS system is designed to help you make decisions faster, and to process and close loans with more speed and accuracy. Features include:

  • Loan comparison summaries
  • Product pricing and locks
  • Quick scenario templates
  • Credit checks and AUS
  • Reporting
  • Pipeline management.

In 2017, we launched MyMortgage, a digital mortgage portal offering a paperless loan application with a personalized mortgage experience. Customers can upload documents and manage their checklists from any mobile device.

Meanwhile, our Sales and Marketing leadership are driving business transformation through the deployment of Salesforce and our state-of-the-art marketing automation systems, offering you 360-degree views of the customer lifecycle.

As a mortgage technology company, Guild understands that continued innovation is the driver of our continued growth and success. We’ve made significant investments in technology and infrastructure across the company, and brought in some of the best talent in the industry to ensure our competitive edge.

Take a walkthrough of our advanced loan origination platform, MyMortgage and the other technology you’ll see and use every day at Guild. Sign up for our weekly Systems Webinar today. Or, contact us directly with your specific questions.

Marketing partners to help grow your business

Tightly integrated with Retail Production, Guild’s Marketing team delivers brand strength, marketing expertise, and campaigns that drive conversion using state-of-the-art marketing automation systems.

Guild invests in building a strong national brand recognized for doing what’s right for every borrower, and closing on time. Our customer service mantra? Deliver what matters. We believe people still need experts who can guide them through the complexity of the mortgage process. Our marketing equips Guild loan officers to:

  • Be both high-tech and high-touch
  • Deliver the best, most personalized customer experience in the industry
  • Excel at social media, lead generation and digital marketing
  • Contribute to and benefit from a vibrant national brand

The proof is in the numbers: Guild enjoys customer satisfaction scores consistently in the high 90s, according to MortgageSAT, a leading borrower satisfaction survey.


Through our sustained investments in marketing technology, branding and expertise, Guild will continue to be an environment where loan officers can deliver unsurpassed service and break new personal records.

Delivering what matters, since 1960


Annual origination volume


Better Business Bureau





Guild employees


Entrepreneurs thrive
Relationships matter

A loan to fit your client’s life

Guild offers a wide range of residential mortgage products for every borrower situation.
  • 3-2-1 Home for first-time homebuyers
  • Jumbo up to $3M
  • Expanded (Non-QM) products
  • Renovation loans including HomeStyle and FHA 203(k)
  • Energy efficient programs
  • Doctor, dentist and future employment programs
  • Non-warrantable condo options
  • More than 500 down payment assistance programs nationwide
  • Unison HomeBuyer equity share program*

As a longtime direct lender, Guild enjoys deep relationships with GSEs and investors. These relationships have allowed us to become a leading innovator in the mortgage industry. We partner with Unison to provide an equity share program that doubles buyers’ down payments regardless of their income. We also offer specialized programs for renovation and energy efficient mortgages.

*Unison HomeBuyer is available in: AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, MI, MN, MO, NC, NV, OR, VA and WA.

From our earliest days as the finance arm of a regional builder, our special strength has been helping first-time homebuyers, with expertise in government loans. Over time, we’ve aggressively developed a wide array of specialized programs to fit every borrower’s life, from state bond programs to $3M jumbo loans.

Find out what it’s like to join a company with the product depth and direct lending relationships to power your business.
Sign up for our Products webinar to learn more.

Looking for a competitive advantage?

Ask about our Cherry Pie program, exclusive to Guild by virtue of our large servicing portfolio. This program trains our customer service professionals to recognize financing opportunities in the course of regular conversations with your borrowers. These leads are quickly passed right through to you!

Our large servicing portfolio is a natural hedge, providing financial stability and continued in our growth. It also allows us to maintain control over the quality of the customer experience throughout the life of the loan, helping to build and strengthen long-term relationships with our customers.


Our $30 billion portfolio is set to double by 2021—the more we grow, the larger our advantage over our industry competitors. That means more hedge for the company, more leads for you and longer relationships with your customers. We help you build customers for life, with sophisticated trigger campaigns to reach your most eligible past customers. Contact us today to find out more.

Jason Stebins

“Our portfolio of loans is a constant source for new purchase and refi. I know of no other company that sends leads to me by mining its portfolio in this way and helping me to preserve the relationship with my customers.”

Erica Davis, Loan Officer
Joined Guild in 2012

How can you enhance your team through coaching?

At Guild, coaching and mentoring allows our loan officers and their teams to reach their full potential. We believe a culture of learning and development is also the best way to serve our customers.

Through GuildU, our corporate university, we offer loan officers a powerful, structured program to grow your business faster. It’s your chance to learn from top producers, apply lessons for personal and professional development, and realize real results – one year after enrollment, students see an average income increase of 42%.

Guild University

In fact, GuildU allows employees across the company to access self-paced, online learning modules and sign up for face-to-face classes on a variety of topics, such as maximizing sales efforts or leadership skills.

Coaching goes beyond the classroom, too. Our approachable, open-door culture invites people to reach out and ask questions. Leaders are generous with their time, sharing their experiences and expertise to help you succeed.

Find out more about the support, encouragement and tools that can put you on a path to success at Guild.

Giving back is part of who we are

Throughout its history, Guild has maintained its commitment to giving back to the community through charitable efforts and volunteer work, and introduced its company-wide Guild Giving program in 2012.

In 2012, we unveiled the company-wide Guild Giving program to help employees contribute to charitable causes in their own communities with a dollar-for-dollar donation match up to a maximum of $250 per year, and support for up to 16 hours of paid volunteer time for each employee.

Guild Gving logo

In 2017, we launched the Guild Giving Foundation to further support employee volunteerism, and to directly support financial literacy and shelter organizations at a company-wide level. Its volunteer initiatives support youth development, economic revitalization, hunger, homelessness, veterans services and domestic violence organizations.


Finally, Guild partners at an industry level with the Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA) on its Opens Doors Foundation, which provides mortgage and rental assistance to families with critically ill or injured children.

Ready to do more good? We’d love your help in our efforts to positively impact our communities.

Let’s talk.

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